Small Moves

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DC Top Choice Movers is ready to help you with you next move throughout the greater Washington DC, Virginia and Maryland area. Our professional and experienced team is ready to go the extra mile to make this a stress-free experience for a small move.

Our top-rated team has provided first class customer satisfaction, quality and value for hundreds of moves every year. Our movers treat every piece of furniture, equipment and other items as if it were their own. You can trust us and know that we are taking every precaution we can to safely pack, load, transport and unload your items from the moment we arrive until the last box is unpacked.

Scheduling for your move:
When you have decided on your moving date, contact our service office by phone or email and let us know the details of your move. We can work within your budget and help you become one of our next satisfied customers. Our customer service representative will be able to gather the information for your upcoming move and walk you through the steps to make it as smooth and stress-free as possible.

There are a few things that we will need to know to give you the most accurate quote – please let us know by email or we can review with you on a call:

* First, we need to know when you plan to move. Some days of the week or month are busier than others, and if you have any flexibility in your move dates our team can offer alternatives to help save you money.
* How many rooms are we packing and/or moving?
* Do you have a backyard with tables, barbeques, chairs, plants and pots?
* Do you have a garage full of lawn movers, garden tools, and miscellaneous item?
* Do you have any large or heavy items that need special handling such as pianos or solid furnishings? For safety and insurance reasons, we need to know if any items will be moved that are over 200 pounds or very bulky or any antique or delicate items or anything item $1000 in value so we can be prepared with any possible additional padding and packing material.

Depending on where and when you are moving, and how many rooms you are moving, we will be able to give you an estimate of the cost and time for your move. If you are on a budget, we can certainly work with you to determine the most affordable plan for you.

Tip: Contacting us online is a fast and easy way to get all your answers and a quote in writing. Our team is online throughout the day, and responds to all emails daily. In addition, new emails received overnight are usually answered in the early morning hours; often you will receive a reply to your email sooner than a callback from a voicemail message.

What to expect on moving day
On the date chosen for your move, our experienced moving team will call you when they are driving to your move-out location. When they arrive, they will put down floor protection to help protect your carpet or other flooring as furniture or large boxes are moved on our dollies to the truck.

We provide the following items to safely and efficiently pack the truck and protect your belongings: furniture pads, packing paper, bubble wrap, shrink wrap, boxes, and crates. There will also be hand trucks and/or dollies, and our truck will have a ramp for easy loading of your items. Inside the truck we will have furniture blankets and safety straps to help protect and secure all your belongings as we transport and deliver them to your new location.

Once we have everything packed in the truck, we will deliver it to your new location. When we arrive at your new place, we carefully unload the truck and place all your belongings in the appropriate room (based on the labeling made on boxes during packing) to make unpacking easier for you.

Our team members can also unpack your items for you as well. If this is a service that you would us to provide, please let our customer service representative know when booking your move.

Coupon Specials
If you are on a budget and are looking for help in moving, we have some coupon specials that will work for you. For instance, maybe you want us to help pick up some furniture or you have a small office move, studio or small 1 bedroom move. Check out our coupon for 2 professional movers, a pick-up truck and up to 3 hours for only $375. Please note that coupon prices may be slightly higher the first and last 2 days of the month, and on Saturdays.

If you only need one professional mover or just have a piece or two to move, please contact us with details and we will do our best to accommodate your budget.

Just because you have a small move or are on a budget does not mean you can’t get quality moving services. DC Top Choice Movers is the top rated, moving services company in Washington DC, and is always your best bet for both quality and value!

We would love to help you with your move! Please email or call us today and get your move scheduled!


Thank you so much for two terrific guys!!!! They were the best!!! I will make sure everyone knows how professional and great they were.

Anne D | 11/26/2014

They were great team. They made moving fun. Thank you again and will use you again for my moms move in september.

Sarah M | 11/26/2014

I hired another company and it was a nightmare. They could not place all my furniture that was in storage on their truck so I had to hire your movers to deal with those large items last month. They were great! I would highly recommend. A group of 3 movers moved my items and they were very professional and great at their jobs. One of the movers' name was Keith and he told me not to worry about...

Kim B | 11/26/2014
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