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DC Top Choice Movers has the most experienced and best movers that will pack and protect your items for any move from local areas to cross-country relocations. Our team’s experience with thousands of moves allows us to safely and efficiently pack items of any quality, quantity or value and for any size job.

Our packing techniques ensure your items are properly packed and protected so they will be safe in transit from the time we pack them until they reach your destination.

At DC Top Choice Movers, we know that packing can be a tedious chore and a task that many people choose to put off until the last minute. Unfortunately, this procrastination can result in a rush to get everything done in time and poor packing techniques that could end up causing your things to break or be damaged.

We are here to help you get the job done right to minimize the stress that accompanies any move or relocation. Our thousands of happy customers and their comments after each job help us know that we are doing the job right every time.

Full Service Packing or DIY Packing, the choice is yours!
DC Top Choice Movers offers complete packing services for your move, or you can choose to pack your own items, or we can even move items that are packed by both you and our professional and experienced team of movers. Packing is not a hard process, but if you want to do it yourself (DIY), we can offer a few pointers to help ensure that your items are packed properly and safely for the move.

Professional Packing Service
DC Top Choice Movers can make your move as easy as possible by taking care of your packing needs. Our packers are very efficient and handle every item as if it is their own, carefully wrapping and packing based on their experience from hundreds of moves just like yours.

Our packing techniques ensure your items are properly packed and protected so they will be safe in transit from the time we pack them until they reach your destination. For only $78/hour (4-hour minimum), your household items and personal belongings are packed by the most-experienced team.

Our packing team brings ample supplies of everything required to properly wrap and securely pack your items, including packing paper, boxes and padding. You can provide your own boxes and packing materials and we can pack your items or we can bring an assortment of small, medium, and large boxes. The cost for our supplies is $4 per box – this price includes tape, padding and packing paper. (Wardrobe boxes are also available upon request at $16 each.) If you would like to supply your own materials, we also offer great prices on packing supplies on our website.

Depending on the size of your move, we may pack on the same day of the move or for larger moves the day before the actual move. Here are some other things to expect from our packing service:

* We use professional packing supplies
* Fragile Items will always be clearly marked
* Each box will clearly state the room they are for, a number, and generally what is in the box, example: Kitchen, #23, kitchen dishes
* Boxes will weigh no more than 30lbs
* China, glassware will be placed in dish boxes that include partitions to keep glasses, bowls, plates and other pieces in place during transit. Packing paper will be used to avoid damage and give them additional padding/
* Fine silver will be wrapped in cloth and securely packaged in their own box.
* Small appliances will be securely wrapped with packing paper and add some extra crushed paper as padding to protect them in transit.
* Electronics will be wrapped in bubble wrap with extra padding on top. Smaller electronics will also bubble wrapped, but place in a dish box with extra padding for protection.
* Furniture (except for upholstered furniture) will be wrapped with a moving blanket. If the piece of furniture has glass doors, we will remove them and wrap them separately. End tables that have corners will be protected with cardboard corners before being wrapped in the moving blanket.
* Upholstered furniture like couches, chairs and ottomans we can shrink-wrap them so they don’t get stained or dirty during the move. All the cushions and pillows of the upholstered furniture will be packed separately in a box.
* Home décor will be individually wrapped up in packing paper with some additional packing paper crushed paper to provide additional padding.
* Framed art, mirrors and pictures will be bubble wrapped.
* Clothing or drapes can be packed in wardrobe boxes ($16 per box). This makes it easy to hang your clothes or drapes when you arrive at your new destination.
* Garage and outdoor belongings – Items from the garage and outdoors are usually an odd shape, heavy and awkward – not easy to pack. If they are dismantled, cleaned out before the packing day it would be a great help. For instance, mowers, weed whackers and other gas powered tools need to be emptied before we can wrap them and prepare them to move. If you have protective covers we will place those on before wrapping them. All their attachments will be carefully packed in a box with additional packing paper. If you have a propane barbeque, the tank needs to be removed and empty before with can prepare it to be moved.
* All tools will be securely wrapped in boxes unless they are already in a box, where then it would be securely closed and ready for moving.
* Outdoor furniture, pots, children equipment will be dismantled and securely packed in boxes with packing paper and labeled appropriately. Again, preparing these items by cleaning them, dumping dirt out of pots, makes it easier to move. If there are live plants you want to be packed, we can discuss with you the best way of packing them to your satisfaction.

Our Costs:
We charge $78 per hour (minimum 4 hours plus 1 hour of travel time. Provide your own supplies or we can provide wardrobe boxes for $18 and all other boxes for $16 and small, medium, and large boxes for just $4 which includes tape and packing paper. Bubble wrap is $15 a roll.).

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Thank you so much for two terrific guys!!!! They were the best!!! I will make sure everyone knows how professional and great they were.

Anne D | 11/26/2014

They were great team. They made moving fun. Thank you again and will use you again for my moms move in september.

Sarah M | 11/26/2014

I hired another company and it was a nightmare. They could not place all my furniture that was in storage on their truck so I had to hire your movers to deal with those large items last month. They were great! I would highly recommend. A group of 3 movers moved my items and they were very professional and great at their jobs. One of the movers' name was Keith and he told me not to worry about...

Kim B | 11/26/2014
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