5 Simple Yet Effective Moving Tips That You Probably Don’t Know

There’re so many moving tips flooding over the internet to help you enjoy a smooth move. However, there’re some moving tips that are not mentioned as often but are just as useful as the most widespread ones.

Being one of the most trusted moving companies in Washington DC, we think it is our responsibility to guide you on these lesser talked about moving tips. Let’s have a look at them:

Reserve parking areas:

If you’re relocating to an apartment or home with restricted parking accessibility, be certain to make preparations for parking before your moving day. Check with the apartment complex, city or your neighbors to save some spaces for the moving truck & any other vehicles that’ll require to park at your old & new homes the day of the move to stay away from ant conflicts.

Use cling wraps fro liquid items:

It is always annoying to open a box of cleaning products or toiletries items to find that one of its contents has spilled all over the box. A simple solution for this is to cover each stuffs in cling wrap, an affordable plastic wrap that’ll refrain liquids from escaping. It is a fast, inexpensive step that’ll save you a great deal of headache.

Color codes your boxes:

Listing your stuffs during a move is necessary to keep all the things organized & simpler during the unwrapping time. We recommend taking it an additional step & color coding your boxes according to room. This’ll speed up things a little on your moving day because movers will be able to have a look at the box & know immediately by the color where it goes instead of having to search for the name of the room on the label.

Take photos of your electronics wiring & shelf decor:

It’s a big worry to find out where all the wires go when you’re putting your electronics back together in your new home. Save yourself that headache by taking a photo of the electronic wires before time & clearly marking them before wrapping them. Also, take pictures of your shelf décor so that you can easily & quickly recreate that also.

Hire sitters:

Moving day can get a bit messy. If you’ve small kids or pets, hiring sitters for them is the finest way to keep them comfortable & entertained while you keep your total focus on the relocation. Fewer interruptions mean everybody can do their jobs quicker & more competently.

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