Thank you.  Your guys were terrific and very quick, polite and friendly.  Made the whole experience a very smooth one.

Dianne G | November 26, 2014

They were great! Worked really hard and everything was awesome.

Allison R | November 26, 2014

They were GREAT!

Kasey W | November 26, 2014

Joseph and Levi were great.  They were on time and courteous.  They completed the move in half a day and earned their pay.

Sandy B | November 26, 2014

If I could pick one phrase to describe the work done by DC Top Choice Movers it would be “going the extra mile with a good attitude.” The job they had was tough, but they smiled and offered extra help all the way through. Both guys called us by our first names throughout the process–I felt like my brothers were helping me move. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking for this type of work.

Monica N | November 26, 2014